Welcome to AnyRateAuto!

Thanks for checking us out. AnyRateAuto is an online marketplace that was conceived in 2014 by founder and CEO Keith Bush. It was created to help auto repair customers find better prices, while also helping shops and independent technicians find work when they need it most.

Our Mission:

AnyRateAuto.com was created for you, for me, for our families and our friends. It was created to help us all avoid overpaying for our car repairs, while at the same time, saving us countless hours of traveling from shop to shop, calling around, and researching customer reviews. Now you can save your time and your money through the use of our one-of- a-kind custom designed marketplace that was created, with you in mind, to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

It was also created for shops and technicians to find automotive customers when they need them. We simplify the process of attracting new customers and bringing in consistent revenue during tough times in this ever-changing economy.

Here at AnyRateAuto, it is our mission to spread equity and accessibility throughout the automotive community by connecting the customer directly to the mechanic that’s the perfect fit for job.


The idea first came to him after his transmission went and he was shopping around for prices. A friend called him right before he agreed to pay the three thousand dollars his local shops were asking. His friend, Steve, told him about a new client of his that repaired transmissions for a living, and that he'd be willing to repair Keith's transmission for less than a thousand dollars.

Some time went by and this idea sat for a while, brewing and growing (every time something on his car broke). Then one day, Keith was speaking to an old friend that had decided to quit his job as a master mechanic and start his own repair shop. Business had been great and his friend had been enjoying the benefits of self-employment. But, suddenly, he hit a dry spell and just didn't have enough customers coming in to keep afloat. And then... eureka! By simply creating a platform for customers (like himself) to reach technicians (like his friend) and other shops that really needed some new clientele, he'd be able to help both sides.

“By simply creating a platform”... Ha! More ridiculous words have never been spoken. But with a wealth of technical knowledge from working in the automotive repair industry for years; an “Adapt and Overcome” attitude he still carries from his military service (Oora!); and the unending support and commitment from family, friends, members of his community, professors, and an amazing Web Development team at Epixel Software; we are happy to present to you AnyRateAuto, the world’s first premier automotive repair platform!

At any rate, you’ll always get the best rate, with AnyRateAuto.com!
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